The Open Door Clinic is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors that is responsible for strategic planning, fiscal oversight, creating and monitoring policies that govern our organization, and ensuring that we fulfill our community mission. The executive director manages a small and incredibly committed clinical and support staff. The depth and breadth of our volunteers is extraordinary. They include, but are not limited to: administrative support persons, medical interpreters, MDs, nurse practitioners, RNs, dentists, PTs, chiropractors, nutritionists, social workers, licensed clinical mental health workers and pharmacists.

Fundraising is of critical importance to us. The Open Door Clinic raises money to directly increase access to healthcare in Addison County, Vermont. None of our funding is guaranteed from year to year, and as a free clinic, we cannot charge for our services. Historically, annual appeal yielded between $17-23,000 per year. We have nearly tripled that since 2013, and have worked hard to cultivate our local donor base through personal meetings, open houses, developing a newsletter, marching in the Middlebury Memorial Day Parade, and participating in other grass-roots organizations projects.

Each year we apply for United Way of Addison County funding and through an extensive and time-consuming process, request funding from 17 towns in our service area.

Providing a certified Vermont Health Connect Navigator to the community, while playing a critical role towards fulfilling our mission, has been a significant undertaking and financial commitment for us. In 2014, the State reduced navigation dollars to partners and so we have had to do more fundraising to maintain this position.

Although our funding comes primarily from State and Federal Funds, the Open Door Clinic has also been generously supported by the United Way of Addison County, Addison County towns, churches, private donors, foundations and other organizations. Here are a few of them:

  • New Perennials Project at Middlebury College
  • Ben & Jerry’s Foundation
  • Hoehl Family Foundation
  • Nichols Foundation
  • Vermont Community Foundation
  • Delta Dental
  • Middlebury Food Co-Op
  • Middlebury Maple Run

Porter Hospital
Porter Hospital provides us our administrative and clinical offices and offers our patients free laboratory analysis and radiology procedures.

In-kind donations allow the Open Door Clinic to provide the best healthcare to our patients and the yummiest food to our volunteers. We appreciate your commitment!

  • Caledonia Spirits
  • Middlebury Nino’s
  • Green Peppers
  • American Flatbread Middlebury Hearth
  • Luigi’s Italian Specialties

We are always looking for new donors who are willing to provide dinner to our volunteers on clinic nights. Interested in getting your organization involved? Please contact

Financials 2021

Total Budget:
2021: $454,265

Financials 2020

Total Budget:
2020: $398,960


Financials 2019

Total Budget:
2019: $385,057

2019 income

2019 uses


Financials 2018

Total Budget:
2018: $372,633.86

Financials 2017

Total Budget:
2017: $348,518.54

Financials 2016

Total Budget:
2016: $369,645.01

Financials 2015

Total Budget:
2015: $314,375.54

Financials 2014

Total Budget:
2014: $287,797.55

Financials 2013

Total Budget:
2013: $253,318.96